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Low Libido in Women

Low Libido In Women

Hi!! Readers, sometimes unhappiness becomes a frustrating part of the relationship in a woman’s married life. Or think it this way – not being able to give physical satisfaction to your partner becomes an essential part of your sex life.

The desire for sex inside you is called libido, and it varies from person to person. It may seem normal to you and unusual to others. It is usual for every person to have fluctuations in libido. However, experts say that women have a higher libido than men. But due to their physical problems, you can see low libido in women.

Hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HASD), also known as female sexual interest, is a sexual dysfunction that causes low libido in women affected by doing some biological, psychological, and physical work.

Most women ignore the symptoms of hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) due to aging or body changes. Then gradually, it harms their sex life. According to some experts, libido decreases by 1% per day during menopause in women after 40.

If you are searching for how to increase libido in women, many simple medicines are available in the market ranging from herbal products, which can increase your libido.

What is Libido in Women?

Libido is the feeling of sexual desire, sexuality, or physical intercourse, also known as sex drive. Libido varies from person to person and is affected by various factors, and You can experience increased libido at any age, which results in your desire to have sex.

Loss of Libido in Women

Sexual complaints are usually caused by erectile dysfunction in men, but the opposite happens in women. There are mental and physical factors that can cause low libido in women.

In women, lack of sexual desire is medically defined as hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HASD). One study found women of almost all ages can be affected by hypoactive sexual desire disorder in the form of sexual dysfunction.

According to a study, psychological factors such as unexpected events in childhood trauma can cause low libido in women.

Causes of Low Libido In Women

Women’s health includes some causes that can affect their libido, including low libido, physical arousal, genital pain, or pain during sexual activity, all of which can cause low libido in the form of female sexual dysfunction.

Other aspects of low libido in women’s health can be challenging to address. Because low libido directly impacts women’s health, hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) is usually related to women’s sexual dysfunction.

Here are some symptoms related to low libido in women:

  • No interest in any other form of sexual activity, including masturbation.
  • No sexual thoughts or fantasies at all.
  • Difficulty initiating sexual activity.
  • Feeling hopeless after having sex.

If you are experiencing these symptoms of low libido. So there is nothing to fear; you are not alone among women experiencing low libido and these symptoms. Because other women like you have to face low libido.

According to a study, we tell you the statistics of women affected by low libido:

  • The number of women affected by low libido during perimenopausal and menopause is 12% between 45 and 64.
  • The number of working women under the age of 45 is 9%.
  • 7% of women over the age of 65 are affected by low libido.

If you are troubled by the problem of low libido, then you should consult a sexologist. It can help with your sexual health.

There are also some common causes of low libido in women.

These are as follows: 

  • physical or mental stress
  • relationship issues
  • use of birth control
  • pain during intercourse or pelvic floor dysfunction
  • psychological and mental issues
  • work and personal stress
  • changes in your hormones that occur after pregnancy and in menopause
  • Taking medications may include antidepressants or other medications, heart medications, blood pressure medications, anti-seizure drugs, therapy during cancer treatment, opioid pain medications, and irritability medications.

Everyone can be affected by these reasons, which may seem normal to you. But slowly, they harm your libido in the future. If you experience low libido, you should consult your doctor to avoid it.

How to Boost Libido in Women?

Sex-related hormones, such as estrogen, can also affect a woman’s libido. Many women experience a drop in estrogen levels during menopause, leading to a decline in sexual function. However, estrogen replacement therapy may help some women with low libido.

If you have vaginal dryness during sexual activity, which is a symptom of menopause. In such a situation, using lubricants during sexual activity can help to increase female sensitivity naturally.

Experts agree that women have more sexual arousal than men. But there is still some confusion on this matter. If you want to know this in detail, consult your doctor.

In today’s time, there are some herbal pills and other medicines available in the market to increase the libido of women, using which the libido of women can increase.

Sex drive booster medicine for women: 

  • Flibanserin (Addyi) 
  • Bremelanotide (Vyleesi) 

If a woman suspects that her hormonal contraceptives affect her sex drive, she can consult a doctor about the dosage and how many doses of these drugs she should take.


Q.) How to increase female libido after 50?

Ans.) If you are experiencing low sex drive and are searching for how to increase female libido after 50? Then you need to lubricate and moisturize the vagina during sexual activity. Try to devote more time to your sexual activity by moving slowly. Also, consider physical health and ongoing medications, talk about sexual issues with your partner. If you need more counseling, you can consult your sex specialist.

Q.) How to increase a woman’s libido while on birth control?

Ans.) There are no prescription instructions yet to increase libido in women during contraception. If you are searching How to increase libido when on birth control? Want to know about it. You should then consult your doctor so that he can understand your condition and suggest remedies.

Q.) When a woman loses interest in a man?

Ans.) Medically speaking, hypoactive sexual desire (HASS) disorder, also called a decrease in sexual desire, is related to sexual dysfunction in women of almost all ages. According to a research study, nearly a third of women aged 18 to 59 suffer from a low interest in sex, due to which a woman loses interest in a man.

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